Navio Digital Matching Network--The economical choice for quick, accurate, and repeatable digital impedance matching in a highly configurable package
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Navio™ Digital Matching Network

Advanced Energy (AE) has extended its digital matching network platform to include simplicity yet high reliability in one of the most affordable matching networks on the market today. Available in multiple power ranges and frequencies, the Navio™ matching network leverages our proven power expertise to precisely match the complex impedance of a plasma to your desired tuning range—quickly, accurately, and repeatably. Choose from a standard offering or a configurable design to meet your specific requirements. Installation is virtually plug-and-play with AE’s RF power supplies, and monitoring and control is available with Virtual Front Panel (VFP) software.

Benefits Features
  • Improve throughput, increase yield, and reduce production costs
  • Choose a standard model or configure a unit that meets your system requirements
  • Install and operate with ease
  • Quick, accurate, and repeatable impedance matching
  • Optimized, off-the-shelf functionality for many applications
  • Generous menu of configuration options for more sophisticated processes
  • Wide power and frequency ranges
  • Virtual Front Panel (VFP) software for real-time process power and impedance measurement and analysis

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